Bolster Cushion - Flower Power

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  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
  • Bolster Cushion - Flower Power
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FLOWER POWER DESIGN : In the 1960s and early 1970s, Flower Power became known as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violent ideology. It originated in California and became synonymous with the peaceful and colourful Hippy movement of the time.

The Celina Digby bolster cushion has a luxurious soft-touch velvet cover, which is removable to allow easy machine washing. The inner is made from 100% cotton, and is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls. It is very easy to add or remove buckwheat to get the perfect cushion firmness for your individual needs. It also has a useful handle to make it easier to transport around.

A yoga bolster is a popular yoga accessory used to provide comfort, support poses and increase stretching during restorative postures and deep breathing exercises. Bolsters are long narrow cushions, usually cylindrical in shape and widely used in restorative yoga classes. A bolster can be placed under various parts of the body for firm yet comfortable support to encourage total release and relaxation. Restorative yoga can have a deeply soothing effect on the mind and nervous system - think of a bolster as restorative yoga's best friend!

A bolster is particularly useful in pregnancy yoga and can also be super helpful for anyone working with injuries or specific conditions - basically, a bolster offers support to any part of the body that requires more support.

Perfect for use with the Celina Digby zabuton floor mat.

SIZE : 64cm length x 23cm length (approximate). WEIGHT : 5.5kg (approximately).
OUTER MATERIAL : The removable outer cover is made from breathable, soft touch, ecologically printed velvet. Luxurious, versatile, durable, long lasting and machine- washable - the colours will not fade. The velvet will last much longer than cotton or linen equivalent.
INNER MATERIAL : 100% cotton with zip to allow addition or removal or filling.
FILLING : Organic buckwheat hulls - triple screen graded and then force air cleaned. The hulls we use are not treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage. They are not heat treated or roasted. All Buckwheat Hulls from our local Supplier have been tested and shown to meet the flammability performance requirements in accordance with British Standard 5852:Part 2:1982-3 Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations) 1989/93.


  • Luxurious breathable, soft-touch velvet outer cover which is removable and machine washable. Extremely practical and durable, the colours will not fade and it will last many years longer than cotton or linen covers.
  • Choice of stunning, modern designs to match the individuality of your personality and style.
  • The organic buckwheat filling moulds to the shape of your body as you rest. The inner bag also has a zip, so you can add or remove buckwheat hulls if required to achieve perfect comfort to suit you individually.
  • Convenient carrying handle makes it easy to carry around with you.
  • Triple screened, force air-cleaned buckwheat filling, which has never been treated with herbicides, pesticides or fungicides either when growing, harvesting or storage.
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Additional Information

Orange / Yellow
140cm x 44cm / 55" x 17" (approximate)
Polyester Fabric
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6 Reviews

  •    Reviews 5
    Beautiful bolster

    Posted by Rosie on 26th Feb 2021

    Beautiful and substantial bolster. Very well made and perfect for yoga. The fabric is gorgeous

  •    Reviews 5
    Just what I needed

    Posted by Rita on 11th Feb 2021

    This bolster has a perfect size and shape. It’s made from stunning fabric - highly recommended.

  •    Reviews 5
    Perfect for posture support during yoga.

    Posted by Aleksandra on 22nd Jan 2021

    Excellent quality well made.

  •    Reviews 5
    Fabulous Bolster

    Posted by Josephine on 4th Dec 2020

    I love this product, its the right level of firmness but you can remove some of the buckwheat if you want a slightly softer feel. I also love the idea that its organic in its use of the buckwheat. I also love the idea that you can unzip it and wash the cover when it becomes dirty which it definitely will do as I use it for relaxing on the flow underneath my back. I also use it underneath my legs as a relaxing pose.

  •    Reviews 5
    Just what we wanted.

    Posted by Lena on 22nd Nov 2020

    I love it ! Just perfect,I need more of these cushions this will help me when I do yoga as well as I have a lower back issue .

  •    Reviews 5
    Great quality

    Posted by Sara on 22nd Nov 2020

    I’m really happy with the quality of the bolster and the fact that it’s sustainable by having buckwheat hulls as a filling. The outer fabric is soft and of a nice quality too.

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