The Best Colour Combinations For Every Room

The Best Colour Combinations For Every Room

Redecorating your home can be an intimidating task, even before you get started. Choosing the right colours to suit the aesthetic you want is challenging. Thankfully, there are certain colour combinations that really work together.

Struggling for inspiration? We analyse the top pins on Pinterest to find the best colour combinations for each room in your home, saving you time, effort, and frustration.

Good colour combinations for living rooms

Your living room should be an inviting place, giving you a feeling of comfort and warmth whenever you step into it. More often than not, we tend to default to plain, neutral colours on the walls and opt for a bold sofa. However, the latest trends suggest that it is time to go another direction. Which living room colour combinations do you love?

Pinks and browns

A common occurrence in the top pins on Pinterest for ‘living room colour combinations’ are browns and pinks, primarily earthy tones and dusky pinks with a splash of bold colours to really transform the room, usually in the form of velvet cushions to add contrast.

Blues and greens

By contrast, dark blues and greens are also popular in living rooms. A bold colour on the wall, contrasted with neutral furniture, can make for a private escape in your home. A deep navy blue and a dark emerald green are some of the most popular options for living rooms.

The best kitchen colour combinations

Kitchens are great multifunctional areas in the home. Not only are they the place to create stunning meals, but they also work as socialising spots. Standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine and catching up is great, especially with the right décor.

Aqua and dark blue

Navy blue is a popular trend at the moment for any room but is especially popular for kitchens. Contrasted with beige, it can transform your kitchen. Darker aqua blues are another option for kitchen colour combinations, contrasted with a dusky brown.

Beige and greyscale

For those wanting more neutral kitchen colour combinations, greyscale and beiges are a good choice. Grey or black cupboards can be accessorised with bold furnishings or left as they are to create a blank canvas. Beige tones create a warm and inviting environment to cook in.

Choosing dining room colour combinations

The dining room is a great gathering place, ideal for getting together with your family and friends, enjoying some food, and reconnecting. These functional social spaces can be decorated in a variety of ways.

Black and brown

The colour combinations for dining rooms are quite different in contrast to others. One of the options growing in popularity involves black and brown colours to create a neutral backdrop. This ensures that the focus is on the food and the company you share, and with a variety of linen tablecloths available, you can accentuate the food and place settings.

Dusky pink and earthy tones

Alternatively, dusky pink and bold earthy tones are a solid choice for dining rooms. These homely colours are inviting and create a welcoming environment - which is exactly what you want when dining.

Colour combinations for bathrooms

White bathrooms are a thing of the past. While white is a good base colour for the bathroom, more of us are looking to add some vibrant touches instead. Thankfully, there are plenty of great bathroom colour combinations to choose from.

Blue and pink

Blue has always been a popular choice for bathrooms and that hasn’t changed much. Lately, duck egg blue colour combinations have been a huge trend, as have dusky pink and brown. They are the perfect colours to help you relax and unwind.

Neutral colours

As with dining rooms, many of the bathroom colour combinations involve creating a neutral but warm palette. Browns with a touch of green for contrast make for a clean appearance in the bathroom, making them a great colour combination.

The best bedroom colour combinations

Most people see bedrooms as purely functional areas, used for sleeping only. That hasn’t prevented us from transforming them into cosy, inviting places that match our personalities perfectly, and with so many stunning colour combinations for bedrooms to choose from, you are sure to see the right one for you.

Olive and seafoam

Green is definitely the trending colour of 2022, so it isn’t surprising that we see it in the best bedroom colour combinations. Shades of olive make for a neutral background and can be matched with creams, beige, and more vibrant greens with ease. Seafoam and dusty blue are great if you want cooler tones in the bedroom, and we stock a variety of luxury paint to help you achieve this look.

Navy and coral

Bold colours are great for bedrooms, especially when coordinated with more opulent features. Navy blue is a great colour and can be paired with dusky pink and gold for a truly luxurious feel. Another popular bedroom trend is to use bright colours such as yellows and corals to create stunning contrast.

The latest trends for your home

Whether you want cool colour combinations or you need romantic bedroom ideas, you are sure to find the right one for you. You could easily redecorate your home to suit the trending colour combinations of 2022, and with so many possibilities, you might be spoilt for choice.

Our range of luxury wallpaper can help you create a feature wall in your home with ease, and with different tones and designs, you will find something perfect for your home. With free delivery on all orders over £50, you can buy enough wallpaper and paint to redecorate your favourite room with a new aesthetic!

22nd Apr 2022

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